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About Us

Providing Islamic education solely for the pleasure of Allah SWT

Alhamdulillah, with the Grace of Almighty Allah SWT, Abu Bakr Siddique Trust was established in November 2021. Selected Muslim community members of Lower Hutt with the concern for Deen and the education of our children were the driving force behind the establishment of the Trust and Madrasah.

The force of driving change began from the seeds of Mashura (consultation) and effort from notable personal of the community, parents, Haafidh of Qur’aan, teachers and more. Through the determination of these individuals, Abu Bakr Siddique Trust was born. 

The Madrasah branch began at the home of Muhammad Mulla with three teachers running Qur’aan and Islamic studies classes for young boys and girls separately.

The trust and Madrasah plan to acquire a suitable property to carry out programmes such as Salaah, Maktab, and other Islamic community events.

Our Purpose

Abu Bakr Siddique Trust and Madrasah have been established to fulfil the purpose of correctly educating our youth of the Deen of Islam. This will equip them with the greatest means to succeed in this life and the next. The intention of providing Islamic education is solely for the pleasure of Allah SWT.

Abu Bakr Siddique trust and Madrasah aim to instil the love and dedication in our community to practice Deen ul Islam in all aspects of daily life.

Our Vision

To develop Huffaz, Aalims and Muslim leaders from within the community for the community

The Madrasah strives towards developing Ulemah, Huffaz and Muslim leaders through its programmes.
Ultimately, the trust aspires to benefit society with good Muslims and human beings.

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