Our Teachers

Ustaad Muhammad Mulla
Qualified Quran Teacher
Part-time Imam
Fluent in English and Gujarati

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Youngest of four children.

Descendant of Ismail Ahmed Bhikoo, known to be the first Muslim settler in New Zealand in 1907.[1]

Began Madrasah at age 4 with Sheikh Haroon at Jamia Masjid in Ponsonby (First Masjid built in New Zealand)[2]. Began Hifdh of Quran at age 13 (Year 8, 2011)  after having completed Nazirah of Quran and Hifdh of Juz Amma. Finished Hifz in August 2018, aged 20 during the first year of University.  

Began leading Taraweeh Salaah in 2015 (Age 16, Year 12). 

Completed upto NCEA Level 3 with Excellence Endorsements and achieved a Scholarship in History Year 13 (2016).

Member of Muslim Youth New Zealand (MYNZ) September 2019-July 2022. Co-lead to organise camp and other sporting activities (paintball, Cricket, Touch etc). Head of physical department (May 2020-June 2021).

Started teaching Madrasah March 2019 at Umar Bin Khattab Learning Academy as a reliever. Full-time teacher during Ramadhan. Full-time teacher at Avondale Islamic Centre from June 2019-June 2021).

Part-time Imam at Avondale Islamic Centre from June 2018- June 2021. Lead all Salaahs, Jumu’ah, Taraweeh. 

Jumu’ah Coordinator for the Muslims Student Association at the University of Auckland (July 2018-December 2019). Won Supreme club of the year award (2019).

Played First XI cricket since Year 10. Bowler of the year in 2016. VIce-Captain in 2016. Level 1 New Zealand Cricket accredited Coach (2017-Present).. Regional level accredited umpire (2017-Present). Leading wicket taker District Tournament 2016.

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences majoring in Population Health from Auckland University.

Ustaada Ayesha Nadat
Registered Teacher
Volunteer and trained Mediator
Multilingual in English, Gujarati, Te reo Māori and French

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand.

Parents are Ulema (Sheikh Khalil Ahmed, Aapa Fatima). Sheikh Khalil came to New Zealand in the 1980’s. Third of five children (All Huffadh and one is also a Mufti).

Began Qaidah at age 4. Started Qur’aan at age 5. Started Hifdh at age 11 (year 7). Completed Hifdh at age 16, Year 12 (2012).

Began teaching Quran from 2013

Madrasah Banaatus Saalihaat Full-time Qur’aan and Islamiyat teacher- (January 2013- July 2021).

Najashi Trust (Volunteer) Qur’aan and Islamiyat teacher(October 2012-October 2013).

Umar bin Khattab Learning Academy (Part-time) (January 2018-July 2021). Qur’aan and Islamiyat teacher. Taught Islamiyat course for teenagers (evening classes).

Avondale Islamic Centre (October 2020- July 2021) Reliever + Volunteer at events and prize-giving

Auckland Islamic Trust Madrasah Uthmaaniyyah (January 2016- July 2021) Part-time Qur’aan and Islamiyat teacher. Collaborated in organising events and prize-giving. Also completed Ustaada training course (2019)

Zayed College for Girls (July 2018- July 2021). Qur’aan and Religious studies teacher. Taught NZ curriculum Year 7-Year 10 Health and Social Studies, NCEA Levels 1-3 History and English. Lead coordinator for the school-wide annual Qur’aan competition for 2018-2021. Religious Advisor. Collaborated to update school religious studies curriculum.

Completed upto NCEA Level 3 all with Excellence endorsements and Scholarship in Classical Studies.(2013)

Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Linguistics (minor in History) from Massey University. (2017)

Holds a graduate diploma in Secondary Teaching and have been a NZ current fully registered teacher since 2018 to date.

Volunteer and trained Mediator of the Peace Foundation 2012-2021.

400m and 800m track runner school champion- qualified for Regionals (2009-2010). 

Winner of the Concours Oral speaking competition (Year 11 Category, 2011). Organised by Alliance Française

Winner of various (advanced categories) of the Al Manar Summer Hifz Course Add years

Ustaada Iqra Mubashir
Qualified Quran Teacher
Proficient in English and Urdu

Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Seventh of eight children (youngest brother is Hafiz).

Completed Nazra Qur’aan at age 7 (year 3,1999). Completed Qur’aan with proper Tajweed rules at age 15 (year 10, 2007).

Started teaching Qur’aan and giving tuitions for all subjects at home (2007-2011)

Completed F.Sc degree in Medical Sciences year 12 in 2009 from Govt. degree college Gulshan-e-Iqbal karachi, Pakistan.

Completed Bachelor’s degree in Zoology (B.Sc Honors) from University of Karachi (2012)

Moved to Ashburton, New Zealand with husband and two daughters in December 2016

Started voluntarily teaching madrasah at home (June 2017- July 2018).

Moved to Wellington in Sep 2018. Started Qur’aan teaching online to children across South Island in Nov 2020 till date.

Started teaching Urdu language at Madrasat-ul-Islamiyah, Wellington as a volunteer (2020-2021).

Started teaching Islamiat at Sualeheen Academy, Lower Hutt as a volunteer (June 2021 till date).

Continue self-development by studying online Qur’aan with word by word meaning and tafseer (Oct 2019 till date).

Now a mother of three children (2 daughters and a son), a housewife and continuously involved in some community works.

Wife of Mubashir Mukhtar involved in the establishment or support of various Masajid in NZ (Ashburton, Mataura/Gore, Timaru, Blenheim, Queenstown, Linwood (Christchurch).

Member of Ashburton Muslim Association, Muslim Community Develpoment Trust, Mataura Muslim Association, Timaru Muslim Educational Trust and International Muslim Association New Zealand.

Proficient in English and Urdu languages.

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